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University Heights, OH 44118

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Physio Heights offers a space of inclusiveness that welcomes all levels, all experiences, all bodies, all styles, and all practices. A tranquil environment that offers the balance of mindfulness and intensity is offered for all of your yoga needs. We offer adaptive chair yoga, yin yoga, restorative yoga, hatha/vinyasa yoga, prenatal/postnatal yoga, and a wide range of yoga workshops.


Class Options:

-Private Classes

-Semi-Private Classes

-Small Specialty Group Classes (prenatal/postnatal, chair yoga, children’s)

-Large Group Community Classes


Return To Yoga Program:

Return to Yoga Program is designed for those individuals who are seeking to return to yoga or incorporate yoga into their lifestyle after sustaining an injury or having surgery. The program includes 10 private 75 minute sessions which combine physical therapy manual techniques and yoga to target specific limitations which prevent individuals from practicing yoga in their desired way. Sessions focus on joint mobility, muscular strength, neuromuscular control, body alignment, specific pose break-down and build-up, therapeutic manual techniques to release restrictions, techniques for pain modulation and increased healing, and meditation. The program further includes continuous communication with the physical therapist/yoga teacher to ensure success of the yoga practice at home or in the community.


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